So here it goes… I’ve decided to participate in something called the One Room Challenge . This is a national event, where designers and decorators transform a room in 6 (yes…SIX) weeks. Every participant has the option to work on a client’s space or their own. I have decided to do this challenge with my own living room. It’s really a sitting room, as I don’t have a television in it, but it’s one of the first rooms you see when walking into my home…….. and it needs some LOVE. Every week I will be giving an update on what is happening through my blog and Instagram.  For six weeks I will be inviting you into my home, and what I’m sure will be a chaotic mess (packed full of bloopers and surprises) to see first hand what goes into a transformation. I will be getting new flooring, furniture and decor. (well, that’s the plan anyway, ha!) The challenge starts October 4th, with the final “reveal day” on November 8th.

Week 4!! Wow. Chic’s getting real around here. The flooring in the sitting room has been replaced, as well as the upstairs office/loft area. My main office is at home, so I have been displaced all week. If youv’e seen me “camped out” with my computer at area establishments, this is why. It’s been a little nightmare”ish” to say the least, but oh so worth it. 💕
It’s been a busy week for product deliveries and I can finally see the room shaping up. It’s amazing when all the elements come together. Remember, this was the original “mood board” I created when starting this challenge. A few things have changed along the way, so comparing this to the final photos will be fun.

So this is the side table I decided on. I have 2 en route and should be delivered tomorrow (fingers crossed)… The actual color is slightly darker, with a more bronzed finish. It’s a solid, sturdy table, smaller in size, and in my opinion just perfect for the space!
The most exciting package I received contained my artwork. I went back and forth with a few different pieces (which were all equally beautiful), but ultimately decided on this. This came from an artist located in New Jersey. All of her work is gorgeous and inspiring, but I kept revisiting this particular canvas. Watch out for an instagram post with her information!

The throw pillows… My Favorite. 

 Oh… and I almost forgot about rugs! Well, I have 2 to choose from. One is “safe” and the other is “wild”. I’ll let that be a surprise…. While sourcing these, I “bumped” into a beautiful, natural fiber rug. It accidentally ended up in my “shopping cart”, and ultimately in my dining room. 
So what’s next? 
1. Fix the wall 
2. Hang artwork
3. Put it all together!
4. Photography
Well that’s it for week 4!!! Have a great weekend!
Chicly Yours,