So in case you have not been following along and are wondering what the heck is going on… here is a little recap. (or read week 1 here)

So here it goes… I’ve decided to participate in something called the One Room Challenge . This is a national event, where designers and decorators transform a room in 6 (yes…SIX) weeks. Every participant has the option to work on a client’s space or their own. I have decided to do this challenge with my own living room. It’s really a sitting room, as I don’t have a television in it, but it’s one of the first rooms you see when walking into my home…….. and it needs some LOVE. Every week I will be giving an update on what is happening through my blog and Instagram.  For six weeks I will be inviting you into my home, and what I’m sure will be a chaotic mess (packed full of bloopers and surprises) to see first hand what goes into a transformation. I will be getting new flooring, furniture and decor. (well, that’s the plan anyway, ha!) The challenge starts October 4th, with the final “reveal day” on November 8th.

I can’t believe we are at the 3 week mark for this challenge! This is what’s happened since last Thursday…..

 All the large items from the room were removed in preparation for the flooring that is scheduled early next week. (yay!!!) I will feel so much better after this is complete!

The wingback chairs arrived and I couldn’t be happier with them. I know they look a little boring right now, but it’s amazing what throw pillows can do. (I have a online “cart” full of fabric for them right now lol) I went with a higher quality chair that I plan to keep for a long time. They are neutral in color, and easy to change seasonally with pillows & throws. 
Art!!!I love abstract art. I was overwhelmed by all the incredibly talented artists I found from all over the world. I have been focusing on three different pieces… I have a huge (bare) wall so the painting needs to be substantial in size. I definitely want it to make a statement… but not sure how much of one.
(The wall)
These are the 3 pieces I am choosing from. 

So the plan for next week is to repair this wall. There was a little accident while measuring :/


1. Repair wall
2. Find 2 side tables (I am mixing metals & finishes so I want something fun)
3. I need a round rug…. the original rectangle rug absolutely will not work. There are too many angles in this room so round is definitely the best option. It will go in the middle of the room and under the coffee table… the star of the show lol

Here’s a little reminder of what it looks like 🙂

I will be posting throughout the week on different rug options!! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Chicly Yours,