So here it goes… I’ve decided to participate in something called the One Room Challenge . This is a national event, where designers and decorators transform a room in 6 (yes…SIX) weeks. Every participant has the option to work on a client’s space or their own. I have decided to do this challenge with my own living room. It’s really a sitting room, as I don’t have a television in it, but it’s one of the first rooms you see when walking into my home…….. and it needs some LOVE. Every week I will be giving an update on what is happening through my blog and Instagram.  For six weeks I will be inviting you into my home, and what I’m sure will be a chaotic mess (packed full of bloopers and surprises) to see first hand what goes into a transformation. I will be getting new flooring, furniture and decor. (well, that’s the plan anyway, ha!) The challenge starts October 4th, with the final “reveal day” on November 8th.

Week 1-

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say, I’ve been my most difficult client to date. I have measured the area, marked it with tape… and……. This room is so odd, right down to the shape of it. There are 2 focal points… the fireplace and the view… so the idea is to situate the furniture to where both can be “enjoyed”, if you will. There were 2 items that were completed prior to the start date. I had two speakers that were in the wall. They were not centered properly, and were a complete eyesore. Needless to say, they were removed, and the room was then painted in Espresso Martini…

First things first, I have to decide on fabric. I am custom ordering 2 love seats. Custom orders can take a MINIMUM of 6 weeks… so this is my first priority. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, but I always gravitate toward blue.

So I’ve been creating my “mood board”. This is an idea of what I have in mind for the space. The professional software I use will not load properly, so I’ve been forced to use this random “free version”, but it always helps to see everything put together. This will be the layout of the room. The love seats will be blue, but not this exact color.   
This has to be my favorite coffee table! I am so excited to order this and see it in person!! 

Flooring… I decided to stick with carpet instead of continuing the wood floor from the kitchen/dining area. It’s really just a personal preference. There are so many options to choose from it’s unbelievable! Flooring is expensive so make sure you observe it in both natural and artificial light before making a final decision. It’s amazing what the difference can be. The 2 carpets below look similar in artificial light, but in natural light they are completely different.

So this concludes the 1st week of the the One Room Challenge!!! By next week I will have the list of everything I need to order, and hopefully get this carpet ripped out!